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Sep 24 2012

Character and the limits of privatization

Very good article about how ed tech and privatization are becoming increasingly intertwined. This is a problem for those (like the author and myself) who are skeptical of educational privatization but optimistic about education technology. I believe vouchers go way too far, but it seems like many are thinking of an even more extreme view of marketplace for education using technology, where students can essentially shop for different classes from different schools or for-profit companies. I think the underlying point of Paul Tough’s How Children Succeed–that perhaps the most valuable service schools can provide is building character by giving students an opportunity to fail–illustrates why increasing privatization is an alarming trend, even for those who recognize the amazing power of markets to increase liberty/wealth/innovation/equality etc. If schools are looking to sell their program, or worse just particular classes, then explicit or implicit character education through rigorous,  high-failure, cohesive programs will be increasingly unlikely.

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